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What We Treat

Our team at Mount Vernon Counseling Center addresses wide range of problems in children, adolescents and adults. Each of us has developed expertise further in certain areas.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and issues related to initiating and finishing tasks and projects, easy distractibility and restlessness is an area of a focus in our center.

These can be depressive symptoms due to biological factors, life stresses, post-partum depression, or other reasons; Key symptom for depression in early stage of it is lack of interest in formerly pleasurable activities. Range of anxiety symptoms include excessive worry, sleeplessness, having phobias, fear of social settings and obsessive thoughts.

This includes a wide range of developmental delays that can lead to limitations in social growth and communication skills.

Focus on Parent-adolescent relationships, dealing with your teen’s mood swings or high risk behavior. Relationship problems such as feeling isolated and being limited in your social life, difficulties in dating and having a healthy romantic life. As far as couples and marriage we address issues around arguing and disagreements in married life and breakdown in communication.

Struggles of leaving and arriving to the new country, feeling homesick and many challenges related to finances, marriage and so on.

Issues around acute stress or Posttraumatic Stress Disorder that includes being involved in or witnessing a traumatic event such as car accident, abuse, natural disasters and many other events of such.

Wide range of medical and physical symptoms which includes chronic headaches and stomachaches, diffuse muscle tension and joint pain, tiredness and fatigue, neurological symptoms such as muscle weakness without an explanation, paralysis, loss of a sensation, irritable bowel syndrome and other issues related to gastrointestinal system.

Challenges around finding work life balance, addressing dysfunctional work environments and their emotional conflicts. This also includes feelings around work stagnation or un-fulfillment and handling difficult bosses and coworkers.

Transitions can be hard and very stressful. Transitions such as changing schools graduation and going off to college, starting a new job, separation or divorce, births of children, illness and loss of significant other.

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