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Silence Your OCD Program

A program to put you and your child, not OCD, back in charge

OCD tries to trick you into thinking that what it wants you to do makes sense

OCD is like a stop signal in your brain that isn’t working quite right

OCD is a mental hiccup that can’t be trusted

Let’s Talk Back to OCD and Silence It

We are offering a comprehensive program to diagnose and treat OCD in you or your child. Our program’s success depends on your backing off from helping with rituals, but in a very specific and controlled way. We use a step by step cognitive behavioral approach to pursue that goal. If needed we use medications to achieve our goals more efficiently and faster.

“OCD is like athlete’s foot. You know it’s there—it itches and you scratch—and you know it’s separate from the rest of you. That’s going to make it a lot easier to get rid of.”

Our program starts with a comprehensive assessment by one of our team members and then we plan the treatment from there. We rule out any medical reason for the symptoms and assess the need for the medication intervention right off the bat.
Comprehensive cognitive behavioral therapy for the patient and if the patient is a child their families will be started. If needed we assess the need for medication intervention.
OCD is like a stop signal in your brain that isn’t working quite right. When it should get flipped to red so your brain stops worrying about something that OCD wants you to worry about, your brain gets stuck on green, and bingo—you’re off to the OCD races.“. So what can we do about it? Let’s fix the switch!

Program Leader
Monique Deely, LCSW
Child and Adolescent and Adult Therapist

I am a licensed clinical social worker with 18 years of experience working with children, adolescents and their families in outpatient behavioral health, residential treatment and hospice care. I have also worked with adults providing individual, couples therapy and hospice care. I have worked in many different settings and for me to be invited and welcomed by the patients and their families at difficult points in their lives has been a privilege that has shaped me and my practice. In Our comprehensive Silence your OCD program with integrate Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and family therapy based on a method from the Yale University. We monitor progress closely and if needed we consider optimizing treatment with medication intervention. Please contact me with any question.

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