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We’re living in uncertain times these days. Everyone is talking about Coronavirus and Sometimes, it feels like there’s no escape from the news bombardment.

Even a mindless swipe through social media or a trip to the grocery store can be enough to stir up feelings of anxiety. We get it – and we’re right there with you.

Our therapists are here to help you cope with whatever comes up as you process your feelings. Talking to someone can be an invaluable resource — a way to “keep calm and carry on.”

All our therapists at our center will offer Online tele therapy until the outbreak is better understood and contained. Whether you’re a new or existing patient, our compassionate experts are waiting on the other end of your screen.

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So far we have learned that coping with the outbreak is causing mental health issues and has given way to profound feelings of anxiety, stress, fear and depression which motivate a person to see a therapist. In-person sessions of therapy are less possible due to the orders of social distancing. Therefore, online therapies to deal with the impact of COVID-19 is highly recommended.

Fair amount of research tells us that online therapy can deliver similar results to in person work.

There are endless benefits of online therapy during COVID-19 because it is a secure form of counselling without any social interaction and can be done virtually from the comfort of home.


Teletherapy and the Coronavirus Pandemic

Couples are struggling with their relationships due to the increased time spent in lockdown. This result in different opportunities and problems among them. The continued arguments between them cause’s separation, divorce, leaving wounds, old hurts, conflicts and betrayals.
Many of them are desiring to remain together without knowing how we can end up these arguments, nitpicking, accusations, and can make a commitment towards making the relationship work. This is the time where mental health experts specializing in couples counselling can help them to solve their problems.

Online counselling is a new way to treat mental health conditions. It is a rapidly growing new way to assist the people to get rid of mental health problems caused by COVID-19 by a number of factors from the comfort of your own space. It includes a wide range of mental health support and services from a professional therapist over the internet. This can happen through video chats, online chats, phone calls, and over the email. Our team has been able to perform child therapy, Adult CBT and EMDR as well as Neurofeedback on line and effectively.
You will experience the high quality of care with an online therapist as you can get with traditional face to face therapy. Cognitive behavioural therapy and Exposure is known to be one of the most effective treatments to treat mental health disorders. Our team of professional therapists use meditation, mindfulness, and visualization techniques to help you overcome the impact of COVID-19 outbreak.

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