Professional Resilience Enhancement Program (PREP)

Mount Vernon Counseling Center

Comprehensive Assessment and Treatment Program for the Most Dedicated Professionals

Professionals including physicians, dentists and nurses as well accountants, lawyers, and executive officers have unique challenges and struggles emotionally.The demands of their profession as well as people’s image of them as dependable, strong and unbreakable leaders place them in a challenging and vulnerable position. Physicians were initially the target group for our program. However, with some adjustments, this program can be offered to dentists, nurses, pharmacists, lawyers, executive officers, business owners, and other professionals. These professionals usually have a high demanding work schedule and limited time to address their work-life balance and personal/ emotional needs.

You might consider our program and help of our experts if,


As a professional if you are in a demanding job when there is no time for you and your personal life and you have the attitude of “work comes before everything else”.


As a professional you are a perfectionist and you want to get the job done no matter what but now you are facing concerns coming from your partner, family members and close friends.


As a professional you are dealing with self doubt and constant feelings of not being good enough or you haven’t done enough.


As a professional you find yourself constantly in the need of using drugs or other substances to get the work done or be able to relax.

“Illness is the night side of life, a more onerous citizenship. Everyone who is born holds dual citizenship, in the kingdom of the well and in the kingdom of the sick” .Leaders especially struggle with the notion of dual citizenship.”

-Illness as Metaphor, Susan Sontag


The most common impairing conditions are substance abuse and dependence, mood disorders (especially major depressive disorder and bipolar affective disorder), concurrent or comorbid conditions (anxiety and mood disorders plus substance abuse and dependence).


unrelenting situational crises—intense marital and financial stress, burnout, chronic overwork, and fatigue—can cause sufficient distraction, preoccupation, and weariness to impair one’s function.


Therapy will help the professional to understand his vulnerabilities and learn how to detect warning signs to avoid it happening again.

What our program offers

Our program offers a combination of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Mentalization-based Treatment to provide caring, comprehensive, and confidential treatment to medical professionals and executives.
When you first call, you will have a phone consultation with one of our team members to determine suitability. At your first appointment, a member of our team will meet with you. During the initial assessment the nature of what is going on gets further explored and the need for the modality of the therapy needed and if medication assessment is necessary will be determined. Our team work and the involvement of multiple professionals is a unique feature of our program.
The team then develops a step by step treatment plan that specifically addresses the needs of the individual and the family. The treatment plan may combine family and individual therapy. Medications may also be recommended when necessary. You will be informed of the treatment plan before we begin.

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