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Adjusting to Change

Life is full of changes, and some can be unexpected. Having to adjust to these changes can be difficult. Life transitions such as marriage, moving, breakups, and deaths are all changes that can affect someone. Whether a change is positive or negative, it often comes with unique stressors of its own. If you find it difficult to manage life transitions, you may consider meeting with one of our professional therapists from Mount Vernon Center.

Life transitions therapy allows patients to open up about changes in their life and get constructive support and feedback. If a life transition is complicated and causes chronic stress, anxiety, or depression, then meet with one of our caring therapists. We are committed to helping patients manage and explore coping strategies. You can meet with us even before the life transition happens. This way, you can prepare for the change and face it better, especially if you struggle with change.

Life transitions stress will improve with therapy, but individuals can also follow these tips:

  • Limit change by not making significant changes immediately after another.
  • Take time to relax. Make sure you have time for leisure and work.
  • Stay healthy mentally and physically. It is always important to stay active, eat healthily, and get enough rest.
  • Discuss any issues with someone close to you. Family members and friends can give valuable support.

If you’re expecting an upcoming life change, you should do some research because stress tends to exacerbate from the unknown.
In life, moving on from one stage to another can be jarring – and at times difficult to handle. If you found it hard to cope with graduating college, starting a career, trouble letting go of a relationship, and it’s keeping you from moving on to another one. Maybe you’re struggling with parenthood, whether it’s a new baby or an adult child moving out on their own.
Whatever the life transition is, you’re not alone. Let’s find out if we’re Mount Vernon Center can be a good fit.

How can life transition therapy help?

Our life transition therapists and psychiatrists will help you develop coping strategies and work with you to create alternative ways to alleviate stress.
Everyone has to go through life transitions, and while some people may seem ‘better’ at it than others, we all have to find our own ways of making it through. Not all transitions are equal, and it could be that the way you dealt with one in the past isn’t working with what you’re currently going through. Whatever the case may be, you don’t have to go through it negatively.

Let’s work together

At Mount Vernon Center, we help you learn to cope with inevitable life transitions in healthier ways. If you feel you are struggling during life transitions and would like some tools, we can help! We will work together to help you get through life transitions positively!

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