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Family Therapy

Family therapy should be considered when family members begin to have conflicts because of different opinions or unfortunate situations of any kind. Sometimes families can hurt one another or fall out of touch. The team at the Mount Vernon Counseling Center can help you and your family communicate and reconnect. The possibility for families to be happy together again can become larger with the right help and guidance. Family therapy can reconcile and even improve your family’s relationship over time. There is also family therapy for grieving families who are dealing with the loss of a loved one.

Family Therapy Counseling

If your family is having trouble understanding one another and can’t seem to communicate efficiently then family therapy could be the solution. Family therapy allows family members and couples to work together to heal any mental, emotional, or psychological problems that are tearing your family apart. The key to setting a solid foundation for a new relationship in these circumstances often involves getting several family members involved in the solution. Our sessions are used to show how each member of the family is important and that this relationship is worth fighting for.

During family therapy counseling, all grievances and personal opinions are laid out on the table. These issues are discussed openly and without judgment or criticism. The main intention of family therapy counseling is to make sure that each member has the chance to voice their opinion and clear the air about miscommunications. Once everyone has had a chance to speak, the healing process can truly begin.

Reunifying Family Counseling

If family members have become distant from one another for whatever reason and are now looking to reconcile their relationship should seek our reunifying family counseling. This type of family therapy allows family members to be heard and feel respected again. It is especially helpful to parents who have children whom they haven’t seen or spoken to for more than a few years.

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