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Immigration & Its Emotional Burdens

Counseling for Immigrants

Most immigrants come from Latin America and Asia, however America is a big mix of people from around the globe. The United States is now a much more ethnically diverse place than before and it will increasingly become more diverse over time. Immigrants can find many opportunities here in the states but there are also many hardships they will face. There are legal situations, prejudice from others, difficulty finding work. Unfortunately, the United States’ immigration process is complicated and the legalizing immigration status can cause large amounts of stress. This takes a toll on immigrant families’ mental health. The mental health experts at the Mount Vernon Counseling Center wants to be able to help all of the immigrants in the area who are experiencing these troubles.

Professionals with Experience

Everyone at the Mount Vernon Counseling Center embraces cultural diversity and we have a diverse group of people working. We are committed to helping immigrants and refugees with the everyday challenges associated with community, school, work, health care and other systems. Families will find many obstacles when leaving their homeland and arriving in a brand new country with different culture and language. They may even feel homesick at times. This big move will force many challenges related to finances, marriage, jobs, and more onto these families. If you are having trouble connecting with your new community or are worried about the recent growing controversy about immigration policies, then rest assured because we are here for you. Whatever your experience, one of our qualified mental health professionals can help you understand how immigration is impacting your life and provide you with useful tools for your challenges.

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