A toxic relationship is a connection between individuals which is abusive, demeaning, disrespectful, insecure, and makes them feel depressed, sad, and unworthy. Toxic relationships exist between couples and may also reside in your family and friends’ circle.
Coping with toxic and abusive relationships can be difficult but not impossible. If you are a victim of an abusive and toxic relationship, you need to deal with it as soon as possible because it will affect your well-being and mental health in many different possible ways.
Managing a relationship full of toxicity is hard in the beginning but with time, you will finally get through it and your life will be calm and peaceful. Different types of toxic relationships occur between family, friends, and colleagues. The most difficult relationship which can be handled with a lot of effort is between you and your family and close friends.
The reason is because you cannot get rid of that person easily when he or she is also your sibling or close friend. However, you can help them and support them to go for therapy to find out the underlying causes of their toxic behavior.
Moreover, dealing with a toxic colleague can also be challenging but not difficult. You can seek your boss or manager’s help to deal with him or her and change your desk location in your office.

Ways to cope with a toxic relationship:

Since not all toxic and abusive relationships can be prevented especially with family, friends, and colleagues but these can be handled with healthy lifestyles and self-awareness.

Have open communication: Discussing problems openly with a toxic person may help you to solve problems and maybe he or she can be guilty and ask for your forgiveness. Assertive communication is best when you both agree to make changes and discover the best in one another.

Introspect your relationship and inner self: Giving some moments to identify the inadequacies in your relationship and asking yourself about different situations in which a toxic person has humiliated you or harmed you in a way, will help you to stop that relationship or manage it effectively.

Spend limited and less time: If you start spending limited and less of your precious moments with a toxic person, it’s the best technique to manage a toxic relationship. This will help you to overcome the frustration and stress he or she brings to you.

Focus on your physical and mental health: If a toxic person is draining your energy and abusing you constantly, it’s better to remove them completely from your life or limit your time with them. Putting yourself first will not only increase your well-being but a toxic person will also know your importance.