This period of pandemic and isolation can be a period of great struggle and growth for your relationship. We, human beings, have this innate desire to be connected. But, at the same time, we require space and alone time. Unfortunately, we are not getting that much alone time in this quarantine where we can’t go to jobs and are stuck with our partners for all day long.
So, what exactly happens when the couples have to stay all day together, or many unmarried couples are suddenly required to be quarantined together? Well, the relationships can strengthen, but at the same time, this time can be the reason for the breaking up of many relationships. If you love your partner, and you want to make your relationship healthy, there are a lot of things that you can do.

Have some structure in routine

Quarantine doesn’t mean that you have to leave everything that you used to. Carry on the activities that you used to do before. If you are used to waking up early, doing exercise, and then having breakfast, strictly follow the same routine. Don’t change routines for each other.

Fall back when it is time

Well, no relationship is perfect, and this pandemic time is hardest for most. So, conflicts can happen, there could be heated arguments, and much more. It is wise to take a step back when you know you are going to say something that you will regret later.

Reconnect with each other

Plan out activities that could bring you close to each other. You can play games together, watch movies, cook together, and do plenty of other things to keep up the charm in your relationship even in this stressful time.

Don’t try to rule

You might have your way of living and you don’t like how your partner does things. It is completely fine. Don’t try to rule the house by making things happen according to yourself. Let them do things like they want to. It will bring positive energy to the relationship.
Rather than thinking about saving up the relationship, think about how you can strengthen the bond and do little efforts for that. This might be the right time to nourish your relationship like you have never done before.
If you still have difficulty in managing your relationship during Quarantine, then it could be the time to look for professional counseling treatment. Family therapy at the Mount Vernon Counseling Center can help you and your partner to reconnect and understand each other. All it takes is some hard work and guidance for families to be happy again. We also have family therapy for grieving families who are dealing with the loss of a loved one because of the Covid-19 virus. 

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