We face many things in our life every day, and with it, our emotions are developed. Your emotions are the reaction to the things that are happening to you. Since you might be familiar with many of your emotions as they come and go on a regular basis, there are a few that show up as a surprise.
You might encounter new and unpredictable emotions when you encounter things that are not part of your normal life. In a time of crisis like Covid-19, you might be experiencing the emotional reactions that are new and uncontrollable. However, you can take care of yourself emotionally by doing a few things such as:

  • Maintain a healthy boundary
    Mark your territory and know what emotions are welcomed and what is not. You must take control of yourself when there is someone else trying to make you feel anything. Once you know that the emotions are not pure and are dangerous for you, you shouldn’t let them come inside you.
  • A healthy support system
    There are people around you who are negative, and there are those who are there to nurture you, seek the other ones. When you are in crisis, you will feel healthy and good while approaching to the people who are going through anything similar. So, keep those people around you and enhance the positivity in your life.
  • Your well-being matters the most
    Only you can take care of yourself, so start it today. Physical care is also necessary when taking care of your emotions because when you are physically fit, your mind works better. So, take care of your physical needs, and understand your psychological stance. Know who you are, what are your needs, and how the emotions are affecting you and your life.
  • Know your emotions
    In the time of crisis, there are unpredictable things happening around you. In that case, you must know which emotions are yours and which ones are the environmental factors. There are emotions that are indulged in you in the hard times, you must recognize them and let go of them to live on a healthy day.

Using these techniques in the time of crisis can save you a lot of energy. You can be as healthy as you want to be by taking things in your control. Have control over your emotions, do activities that excite you, and manage the time of crisis with bravery.

If you feel like that things have got the better of you lately, we at Mount Vernon Counseling Center are here to help. Our therapist Steffanie Kelshaw, LPC will offer online therapy until the outbreak is better understood and contained.