Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) can negatively affect people’s daily lives. It is a disorder that makes it difficult for a person to pay attention and control impulsive behaviors. He or she may also be restless and almost constantly active. As a result, It can be a very debilitating disorder if not carefully managed and supported.

ADHD can create personal and professional difficulties, including relationship problems, substance abuse, and problems at work and school. People with ADHD generally get bored or frustrated easily, They find it hard to concentrate or pay attention and find it hard to follow directions. They also act impulsively and they are always on the move.

Although the symptoms of ADHD begin in childhood, ADHD can continue through adolescence and adulthood. Even though hyperactivity tends to improve as a child becomes a teen, problems with inattention, disorganization, and poor impulse control often continue through the teen years and into adulthood.

Some of the possible causes of ADHD found through research are

  • Genes
  • Cigarette smoking, alcohol use, or drug use during pregnancy
  • Exposure to environmental toxins, such as high levels of lead, at a young age
  • Brain injuries

People with ADHD show an ongoing pattern of three different types of symptoms:

  • Difficulty paying attention (inattention)
  • Being overactive (hyperactivity)
  • Acting without thinking (impulsivity)

ADHD can be treated

Although there is no cure for ADHD, the treatments available may help reduce symptoms and improve functioning. ADHD is commonly treated with medication, education or training, therapy, or a combination of treatments.

At the Mount Vernon Counseling Center, the team of professionals will provide professional therapy and treatment that includes medication and psychological therapies such as support groups, social skills training, behavior modification, medication in some cases. Sara Bahraini, M.D., Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist at Mount Vernon Center is a board-certified psychiatrist with expertise in treating children, adolescents and young adults. She is a specialist in treatments for anxiety disorders, depression, insomnia, ADHD, gender dysphoria, selective mutism an childhood medical trauma, among many others.