Did you know that flexible
work hours or remote work can have an extremely positive impact on one’s mental
health? Mental health and work are definitely connected. When work stress
increases it can bring in mental health related issues and a negative impact on
the quality of life.

People in general prefer
to maintain work-life balance, hence the majority are now looking for a job
with flexible work options. Another reason behind this preference is to reduce
the stress related to daily commute to work place.

Among the many ways this positive relationship can occur some of the most interesting ways are these.

How is work related stress reduced?

According to a research
conducted by FlexJobs, 71% of people prefer to work from home to reduce commute
related stress. As per this research those who prefer remote work further
elaborated saying remote work or work from home

  • Reduces disturbance and colleague interruptions during a typical work day by 75%
  • Helps stay out of office politics
  • Supports a quieter work environment
  • Offers a more comfortable and personalized work environment

Ability to focus more on health and wellness

Many people also believe that having flexi work hours would help them concentrate more on their health and wellness.

In addition, most people also think that with remote work there’s more balance in work-life. They think that when time spent with family reduces it can negatively affect mental health. Therefore the best way to maintain work life balance is to look at flexi work hours.

Overall when the mental health of a company’s employee is well maintained, there’s positive word of mouth and better engagement from the employee. This will help in promoting a great workplace culture as well since employees are allowed to choose when, where and how they work. Those companies inevitably support the well being of each and every employee.

For someone who is undergoing work stress, the support of a professional mental health expert may be needed to find out the best work stress treatment.The experts at Mount Vernon Counseling Center can help you stop the initial stress response with therapy treatment and other methods. Using all the tools available, our profession mental health experts will help reduce extreme stress and shorten how long it lasts.